Implant Surgery for Dental Patients

When a patient has a missing tooth, or if they are missing numerous teeth, dentists may recommend a dental implant. Dental implants replace natural teeth, so you won’t be able to tell the difference once you’ve gone through the procedure.

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How to Prepare

Before your dental implant procedure rochester professionals will perform a comprehensive exam of your mouth to make sure that you are qualified for implants. If you have any issues, they will be accounted for and assessed. Your medical history will also be reviewed and your dentist will work with you to come up with a treatment plan. You will then go over the plan thoroughly so that you understand what to expect at following appointments.

The Process

The dental implant will be placed directly into the jawbone, where it will be left to heal for several weeks or months, depending on the individual. You may need to visit your dentist more often during the healing process so that they can monitor your progress and install an abutment when it is time.

The abutment is what keeps the crown of the implant locked in place and secure. Some patients may get an abutment and implant placed on the same day while others may need several appointments to complete the process of placing an abutment and crown.

Once your implant has healed, you will be able to go back to life as normal, taking care of your teeth as if they are your natural teeth. Implants need to be brushed and flossed so that they remain healthy, otherwise they may fail due to negligence or poor oral health.

If you are missing one or several natural teeth, you should sit down with your dentist and ask them more about dental implants and what the process would look like for you.