How To Choose The Right Basketball Camp For Your Little Player

It’s almost that time of year – camp season, and yes, it is a real thing.

Camp season is that special time of year when parents often send their children on week long (or more) camps, to experience and improve on something they love.

If your child is a little basketball player at heart, rest assured, there are plenty of basketball camps to choose from. The question is, how do you choose the right one? Here’s how.

Is the camp for fun or improvement?

The fact is that there are camps for either; playing or improving, but you need to know what your child is looking for.

summer basketball camps

If they are new to the sport, search for summer basketball camps that cater to beginner level players. These camps will likely show them the basics and be overall less demanding. They may not even have a game schedule and could be daily instead of an overnight camp.

For the devoted and experienced basketball player, hoping to improve their skills, look for more serious camps with skilled and professional players/ coaches.

How much time is spent teaching?

You might also want to consider how much time is spent teaching versus playing. This is often just a personal preference, whether your child learns more from coaching or from playing the game itself.

Are there other activities during the camp?

Although the primary purpose of basketball camp is to play and do all things basketball, inquire if there are other activities such as group activities like hikes, meals, field trips, etc.

Having other activities can be helpful for your child to have a moment to unwind during camp, or perhaps you consider them a nuisance and prefer basketball technique 24/7. Most camps will have an overview and itinerary before the camp begins.